Consumer Education, Advocacy and Communications on behalf of Bermuda's banks

We advocate on behalf of Bermuda’s banks for legislation that recognizes our industry’s diversity and the role of our members as drivers of Bermuda’s economic growth. We educate Bermudians, support improved financial literacy, and provide information about Bermuda’s banking industry to the world. We offer news, alerts and video content to support our mission and to keep you informed.
For over 25 years, the BBA has provided effective representation of Bermuda’s local banking industry.
By providing effective representation and promoting the safety and soundness of Bermuda's banking sector, the BBA works to ensure that the banking sector is at the forefront of a growing, resilient future for the Bermuda community.

Our Members

Bermuda’s 4 licensed commercial banks:

The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited

Bermuda Commercial Bank

Clarien Bank Limited

HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited

Collectively, the BBA’s member banks hold over US$25 billion in assets and employ over 1,000 in Bermuda.

Serving Bermuda’s people, communities, businesses and government, BBA member banks provide over BD$ 8.5 billion in loans and hold nearly BD$ 21 billion deposits in Bermuda as at December 31, 2023.


BBA Resources:

The BBA is your link to the Bermuda banking industry and beyond. Follow the links below for more information on our member banks, key partnerships and other important memberships and affiliations.


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