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Mutual Strength & Resilience for Bermuda's Financial Sector through Cooperation and Collaboration

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Welcome to our Website

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Our Mission Statement

The three-fold goal of Bermuda Bankers Association (BBA) involves our banking services and ongoing initiatives to:

  • To further the development and preserve the good reputation of Bermuda as a first-tier international financial center;
  • To foster and facilitate the use of digital resources to sustain banking services, to educate and train bank staff and to encourage and support the furtherance of industry-relevant education, such as mobile banking, investing, trust administration, ethical conduct, and fiduciary practices;
  • To identify and champion the common interest of members in their relationships with the government, regulators, citizens, businesses, and professional associations in Bermuda.

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6/4/2021 -- A statement from the BBA on Covid-19 payment relief --

The Bermuda Bankers Association (BBA) is aware of the financial difficulty facing many families in the wake of several Covid-19 related shutdowns and the corresponding limitations placed on local economic activity. Throughout this unprecedented Pandemic, all BBA members have been responsive to the financial difficulty facing our customers and we stand ready to continue working with you. If you decide to contact your bank to discuss your financial situation as it relates to your banking relationship, we ask that you be ready to provide the information (including all requested documents) that our team members will need to provide you with the appropriate payment options. Accordingly, we invite you to contact your individual bank prior to experiencing any problems with meeting an upcoming obligation, and our members will stand ready to work closely with you to craft a solution that works for both parties.

5/20/2021 -- A statement from the BBA on corporate donations -- All BBA members are committed to taking positive philanthropic and charity-supporting actions that serve the best interests of all people in Bermuda, bearing in mind that there are different levels of need.  When we are apprised of an instance where we may have made an error, we will address it.  

We live here, we employ a roughly 90% local workforce and we care deeply for all people connected to this wonderful place we call Bermuda.


Bermuda will move to Phase Two of the Covid-19 Stay at Home Order 2021 and please note that while our banks have provided in-person services during Phase One, we will be expanding hours of service in Phase Two.  Please check your bank's website or call them for updated hours effective May 10th:

C-19 Phase Two -- 10 May 2021.jpeg


In the wake of the new restrictions contained in the government's Stay at Home Order 2021:

1. Bank open hours will be as follows:

BCB - Monday and Thursday (by appointment only) 9am to Noon;

Clarien - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (by appointment only) 9am to 1pm, Reid St. branch to open on Thursday (9/15) 9am to 1pm (to accommodate Pension check recipients);

BNTB and HSBC - Monday thru Friday 9am to 1pm for counter services (HSBC's Church Street location and BNTB's Rosebank location will remain closed).

All banks and the BBA are encouraging customers to sign up for internet and mobile banking and to access ATMs to the maximum extent possible.

03/29/2021 -- Due to an increase in Covid-19 active cases, the government has imposed new restrictions that will impact the delivery of banking services.  Please visit your bank's web site or call them before visiting a banking center:

03/04/2021 -- The BBA notes the posting of Privacy Guidance relating to the use of vendors and other contractors to handle Bermuda customer data:

02/22/2021 -- The House of Assembly has advanced legislation that would legalize inter alia, the importation and commercial distribution of Cannabis (marijuana) subject to licensing and regulation.  While this legislation requires Royal Assent which may not be provided in the near future, the industry is reminded that banking services, where they can be provided, will include a significant cost for the extensive due diligence that will be required to ensure that foreign counterparties are operating lawfully and that funds can be legally moved in and out of that jurisdiction by our correspondent banks.

Our members will not engage in actions that would in any way jeopardize the sound global reputation that Bermuda has for the anti-money laundering regime it has worked tirelessly to maintain. 

01/18/2021 -- The BMA has posted its 2021 Business Plan (, and as a key stakeholder, the BBA looks forward to working with the Authority to stand up a world-class Business Conduct Regime.

01/17/21 -- Greetings in the New Year

Before I address one of the objectives that we expect to accomplish in 2021, let me take the opportunity to thank all of the health care professionals who worked tirelessly to meet the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic to re-open Bermuda and to keep it as one of the safest places in the world.  We appreciate each one of you and salute your dedication!

The Covid-19 pandemic has mandated a significant change in the way we interact in our work, business, and social environments, and to some extent, these changes will outlast the pandemic.  One of these changes is the manner in which people access their banking services, and we stand ready to meet these changes head-on with expanded offerings via our internet portals, mobile banking apps, ATMs, and merchant service terminals.  

Accordingly, if you are not set up for internet banking or do not have our mobile app, we strongly encourage you to contact your bank to get it set up and to have your access device issued.

In today's world, there is less and less of a need to carry cash, and as the large jurisdictions (US, UK, and EU) start rolling out digital versions of their currencies (not cryptocurrency) in the years to come, this need will diminish further.

Here at the BBA, we are going to undertake a public education campaign to encourage all customers to use their bank's internet portal and mobile app, while we also work to upgrade those offerings with added functional capability to transfer money, pay recurring bills, and deposit paper checks by capturing the image with your phone.

Lastly, the BBA is also committed to providing critical lifeline banking services at a low cost (particularly for seniors and the vulnerable) and we will continue to make this a priority.  We also want to ensure the banking community that we take cybersecurity very seriously and employ state of the art methods to safeguard your account information, and we ask that you also do your part to protect that valuable information.

Please come back to this website during the year and check out our social media portals at Twitter and LinkedIn for regular updates on how banking technology is being deployed in Bermuda.

12/13/20 -- CEO Message 

While we lament the human tragedy and economic strain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we now focus on the peace & joy of the Holiday Season and the hope for a new birth of freedom from this pandemic in 2021, with very effective vaccines now approved and being distributed.  On the local banking front, you will see our members working to enhance the delivery of their services via mobile technology and automated tools to lessen the burden of producing paper documents, with both aimed at reducing the need to come into a banking facility.  We will also be mindful of the need to educate our community on how they can reduce their banking costs; how we can better protect our Seniors from financial abuse; and our commitment to work with struggling mortgage customers to keep them in their homes.

With this in mind, the members of the BBA and our 1,200 team members wish you all a joyous Christmas and a healthy and happy 2021.

10/29/2020 -- Today, the BBA is encouraging all banking customers to provide their account documentation (i.e. passport, proof of address, and source of funds) to their bank so we can all meet the global anti-money laundering standards that keep Bermuda high on the list of safe and secure banking centers.  Please do your part! 

10/23/2020 -- The BBA released its Economic Impact Analysis today.  Our members placed $1.2 billion of cash flow into the Bermuda economy in 2019, and we are proud of our team members that make it happen -- 90% of which are Bermudian or the spouse of.

9/27/2020 -- October will be "Cyber Security Awareness" month for all BBA Members.  Please look for valuable information on this website, The Office of the Bermuda Privacy Commissioner's web site (, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter), and on each member bank's website.

9/12/2020 -- Tropical Storm Paulette is now a threat to Bermuda.  All BBA members will be closed on Monday, September 14th, and a decision about Tuesday will be made after receiving updates from the Emergency Measures Office (EMO).  Please monitor FM 100.1 and install the Tree Frog app on your cellphone.  Today would be the best day for preparation because the storm could arrive sooner than forecasted.  Be safe Bermuda and as always, we will lead the way! 

9/2/2020 -- September is Staycation month in Bermuda --

8/24/2020 -- part of the BBA's core mission is the ongoing education of our members and the Bermuda financial community and in furtherance of that objective, we have posted in our BBA Information section, a presentation given by the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics -- "Risk Assessment - Foundation for Building an Effective Ethics and Compliance Program."

7/24/2020 -- Bermuda will allow remote workers to reside in and work from Bermuda effective 1 August 2020 --

Anyone coming here to enjoy our beautiful and highly connected Island is encouraged to contact any one of Bermuda's four licensed banks to serve your local banking needs.

7/1/2020 -- after a long and sometimes difficult road to business re-opening, Bermuda has reached Phase Four "the new normal".  While our members will gradually expand their hours and services to fully serve our community, we ask that customers continue to use ATMs, drop off boxes, online banking, and mobile apps to the highest extent possible.  

Lastly, the observation of physical distancing and the wearing of masks is required at all Banking facilities in Bermuda.  

We also remind our customers that we are now in Hurricane Season and urge everyone to have a plan for accessing their bank accounts well ahead of any restrictions on travel that may be associated with a potential Hurricane scenario.

6/12/2020 -- The BBA hosted its first Lunch & Learn session (Fraud Trends, Awareness, Detection & Prevention) via Zoom Webinar.  With over 115 attendees, it was well received and we will use this resource to connect our members with training opportunities that are of high quality, relevant and, where necessary globally focused, while also being respectful of the Bermuda custom of face to face meetings (in time).  Please see our BBA Information page for the presentation deck.

UPDATED 6/11/2020 -- With full notification to and concurrence of the Minister of Finance, BBA members will be open 5 days a week but with limited hours in Phase Three of the Bermuda COVID-19 re-opening plan.  All banks will continue to provide a preferential open period for Seniors and others with challenges accessing the branches during normal hours.  Please see each bank's web site for specific times.  With an expected move to Phase Four in early July, BBA members will review and announce further expansion of service times.


3/26/2020 -- Bermuda's Privacy Commissioner now has a web site --

3/11/2020 -- Re: COVID-19 -- BBA member banks will undertake good faith measures to work with customers who are struggling financially to ensure that they are made aware of the options available to them. We emphasize that customers who may be facing income dislocation due to this potential health-related emergency should contact their respective bank at the earliest opportunity to explain the economic difficulties that they may be experiencing so that responsible options can be discussed.

2/29/2020 -- The BBA posted its revised Code of Ethics this past November and is now posting its companion Bermuda Banking Code of Conduct on its Information page.

2/19/2020 -- Bermuda has received its Mutual Evaluation Report (MER) from the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF).  The report is posted in the BBA Information Section of this website.

2/7/2020 -- The Bermuda Deposit Insurance Corporation has just published its 2019 Annual Report.  You can download it from their website (linked below).

1/20/2020 -- There has been a recent uptick in financial fraud schemes directed at Bermuda.  Never disclose your account information via email and if in doubt, call your financial institution.  The following link has very helpful information and we recommend that you use it.

01/16/2020 -- The BBA is posting the recently issued BMA Code of Conduct -- Operational Cyber Risk Management, to its website under the "BBA Information" tab.  This document provides the expected actions that all BMA licensed entities should address in their Cyber Security programs.

Refer to our LinkedIn page for articles, news clips, and links to other items of interest to the Bermuda banking sector. You can also become a member of our LinkedIn group!

Vision Statement 

The BBA seeks to keep the people of Bermuda and its global clientele apprised of information relevant to licensed banks operating in the Bermuda jurisdiction.

Our Members

          • HSBC Bank Bermuda
          • Bank of NT Butterfield
          • Clarien Bank Limited
          • Bermuda Commercial Bank

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Use our contact information to get in touch with us today. If you have any other questions, simply fill out the enquiry form on this page. Also, make sure to stay updated by liking and following our official Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Bermuda Bankers Association

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