The BBA Extends Hearty Holiday Greetings
From the members of the Bermuda Bankers Association   May all of you find the peace and joy that comes with this Season of Hope.  
BBA Member Updates to Banking Rate and Fee Disclosures
Please visit your bank's website to see the new disclosures concerning rates and fees for banking products.   The BBA will post a revised specific table of links in January 2023.
Bermuda Government Launches Home Ownership Support Plan
While the BBA supports efforts to promote increased home ownership in Bermuda, the risk-controlled expansion of this scheme is vital to building it into a sustainable part of the long-term housing finance structure.   We...
Bermuda National Holiday for Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral — 19 Sep 2022
The BBA Welcomes BMA Engagement on Conduct of Business
Craig Swan, the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “This amendment of the BMA Act marks a key milestone for the Authority’s customer protection strategy, demonstrating the jurisdiction’s commitment to the highest financial services standards through...
Comparative Bank Fees in U.S. market
As in any competitive market, a variety of fees and minimum balances are available and we provide this comparison to the U.S market for illustrative purposes: Please shop for the plan that best suits...
The BBA Supports Global Cooperation on developing a Digital Assets Framework for Banking
Fact Sheet_ Framework for International Engagement on Digital Assets _ U.S. Department of the Treasury
The BBA asks that all Bermuda Banking customers seek to protect against Elder Financial Exploitation
FinCEN Advisory Elder Financial Exploitation FINAL 508
Bermuda Licenses its first Digital Bank
BBA Webinar on Russian Sanctions
The BBA recently held a timely and informative webinar on Russian Sanctions compliance.   You may watch the zoom presentation by using the link below: Passcode: Ni?#16Jb
Bermuda at the Forefront of Global Privacy Regulation
BBA Efforts to Enhance Comparison of Bank Rates and Fees
The BBA is undertaking an initiative to guide the banking community to information that will assist in making informed choices as to the use of banking services in Bermuda.   Please use the link below...
Instant Payments — Coming Up Fast
Instant Payments
Sanctions Screening Webinar — Russian Entities
Helpful tips on Factors Affecting your Credit
The five criteria of credit scoring are generally as follows: 40% is based on payment history (people are penalized for late or missed payments); 35% is outstanding debt (people are hurt by having too much...
EMail Addresses to Report Phishing Attempts
The BBA is providing the following email addresses and encourages all bank customers to report suspected phishing and or other suspicious emails to their respective banks. Bank of Butterfield -- Clarien -- HSBC...
Marquis Development Projects Require Sound Capital Structures
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #8 (last of this series)
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #7
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #6
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #5
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #4
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #3
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #2
Cyber Security Awareness Reminder #1
BBA Cyber Security Awareness Campaign in connection with the Bermuda Police Service.
CISA Guidance on Cyber Security — Shields Up!
Cyber Shields Up!
Bermuda Fiscal Budget 2022-23
Budget 2022 23 Statement Please read closely and compare with the Report from the Fiscal Responsibility Panel posted recently.