Sub Committees BBA December 8, 2021



Advises the BBA CEO and Executive Committee (ExCo) on all matters relating to financial reporting metrics, regulatory capital, deposit insurance, government financial policy and any financial matter that impacts the banking sector.


Assesses and reports on risk measures relating to credit performance, interest-rate movements, and matters involving environmental, social or governance issues.


Serves as the source of technical expertise on all operational matters, fraud detection, customer privacy, and local payments systems. Works closely with the Cyber Security SubCo on operational impact of cyber-attacks.

Cyber Security

Provides functional expertise to the BBA and to the Bermuda jurisdiction on all cyber security matters, including deterrence, threat awareness and training, post attack reviews and coordination between private and public sector entities.

Financial Crimes Compliance

Coordinates, directs, and manages the banking sector’s efforts to combat money laundering, deter terrorist financing and eliminate fraud in the Bermuda jurisdiction. Also works closely with the Financial Intelligence Agency and the Bermuda Police Service to share information and coordinate efforts to protect Bermuda’s citizens from financial abuse.

Regulatory Compliance

Represents the BBA in all matters involving local and global regulations that impact the financial sector. Specific areas include but are not limited to Ethical Conduct, Data Privacy, Consumer Protection and Outsourcing Requirements.


Is the official legal adviser to the BBA ExCo and provides confidential guidance to the banking industry on matters that have a collective impact. This SubCo also liaises closely with each bank’s legal department to ensure that proper separation is maintained between industry and bank-specific legal issues.